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Cayman Islands Exempted Company

Updated on Tuesday 26th November 2019

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The Cayman Islands Exempted Company is the most widely-used business form by foreign investors looking to do business in the British overseas territory. This company can carry out its activities outside the Islands, however, it may hold investments here.
Cayman islands company formation is a facile process and this particular type of company offers a number of benefits, including but not limited to full foreign ownership and no taxes.

The characteristics of the Exempted Company

The Cayman Islands Exempted Company offers a multitude of benefits, and this type of company is one of the primary reasons why the jurisdiction is chosen by many offshore investors. Below is a list of the most important advantages of the exempted company:
  1. Full foreign ownership: this company can be 100% foreign owned and it can be incorporated with just one director, with no residency requirements.
  2. Limited liability: the founders are liable up to the amount they invest in the company
  3. No capital: there are no requirements for the mandatory subscription of a share capital upon incorporation.
  4. Minimal accounting: for this type of company, the annual reporting requirements are reduced to a minimum.
  5. No public information: the details about the company shareholders are not disclosed publicly, like in other countries.
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The regulations for the Exempted Company

The exempted company must have a registered office in the Cayman Islands and this information is provided upon registration. Any changes to the location are to be notified. In order to incorporate this legal business form, investors will need to draw up the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
Our Cayman Islands incorporation agents can help investors with special services, such as registered agent services. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended to appoint the registered agent.
The Cayman Islands are one of the leading offshore centers in the world, mostly due to the favorable legislation for companies and the flexibility of the business forms.
You can contact us for more details about Cayman Islands company formation and for complete assistance for opening an exempted company.


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