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Company Act in Cayman Islands

Updated on Thursday 12th July 2018

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Company-Act-in-Cayman-Islands.jpgThe Company Act in the Cayman Islands is the law governing the incorporation, registration, membership, and control of companies. It is structured in several parts, from the constitution and the incorporation of companies to general provisions and the distribution of capital to liability and winding up the company.
Our team of Cayman Islands company formation agents talks about the main issued covered by the Companies Law and can offer you complete and detailed information on any specific matter.

Company formation in the Cayman Islands

Our agents who specialize in Cayman Islands company incorporation summarize below the most important aspects regarding company formation discussed in the Companies Law:
  • the constitution and incorporation: with regards to the manner in which a company may be formed as well as the types of companies in the Cayman Islands.
  • on drawing up the memorandum of association: the initial form and the alterations that may be brought upon the company’s constitutive documents.
  • the registration: the mandatory process of submitting the company documents with the Registrar and the direct consequences of registration, namely the certificate that is issued for the company.
  • the distribution of capital: the issuing of shares and the redemption and purchase of shares as well as share transfers.
  • company member liability: the extent to which present members are liable for the debts and obligations of the company.
  • the management and administration of the company: the need to have a registered office, the publication of the company name, the general member’s meetings and others.
The list below only outlines the scope of the Companies Lawin in a brief manner. One of our agents can give you complete and detailed information.

Company liquidation in the Cayman Islands

The final chapters of the Company Law cover the situation in which a company is terminated or wound up. The voluntary and the court termination of the company are treated and, for this purpose, the powers of the court in case of company termination are described expressly.
Our team can detail the winding up and liquidation process as it is described by law and can assist you should this step become mandatory for your company.
Foreign investors interested in Cayman Islands incorporation can contact us for complete details about the laws that govern investments and the incorporation of companies.

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