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Setting Up a Cayman Islands Company

Updated on Tuesday 26th November 2019

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The Cayman Islands offer an attractive business environment, with a focus on tax neutrality and policies for easy company incorporation.
Setting up a Cayman Islands company is a process that requires a few key steps. Our team of agents who specialize in company incorporation can help you throughout all of the necessary phases so that you can start doing business as fast as possible.
Below, we answer some of the most common questions investors have when they decide to incorporate in this offshore location.

What are the costs for company formation in the Cayman Islands?

Setting up a Cayman Islands company is a process with few requirements. Included here are a set of fees for company formation which vary according to the authorized capital for the company. When the capital exceeds 50,000$, the government fees are between 730 (upon incorporation) and 850 (annual) $, and these values grow as the share capital increases. For example, when the authorized capital is above 2 million USD, the incorporation fees are around 3,000 $ and the annual ones around 3,100$. 
These fees can be subject to change as new government updates take place. You can reach out to one of our Cayman Islands incorporation agents for detailed information about these fees.

What are the types of available business entities?

The list below includes the types of business entities available for incorporation in the Cayman Islands:
  • - The exempted company: suitable for international trade but cannot conduct business within the Islands and with Cayman residents;
  • - The non-resident company: an alternative to the exempted one that has similar requirements for incorporation;
  • - The exempted limited partnership: requires one general partner and one limited partner with the general one being a Cayman Islands resident;
  • - Excluded person financial company: similar to the exempted companies, can include a company that manages securities for one or more members of a group.
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How many company directors and shareholders are needed?

The company management requirements in the Cayman Islands are light. The exempted company, the non-resident company, and the excluded financial person company can be incorporated with a minimum of one director and one shareholder. The identities of the beneficial owners are protected as there are no requirements to disclose their identities in public records. 

What are the main corporate compliance rules?

Companies in the Cayman Islands are required to have a registered office on the island as well as a company secretary. Special consideration must be given to the notification requirements in case of changes to the company’s memorandum or articles of association as well as the registered office address (no more than 30 days from the change).
For more details about how to open a company and the ongoing compliance, please contact our Cayman Islands company formation agents.


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