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Shelf Company in Cayman Islands

Updated on Wednesday 08th January 2020

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When acquiring a shelf or ready-made company in the Cayman Islands, entrepreneurs receive a package which allows them to begin doing business immediately, without having to wait the time it takes to register a new legal entity in this jurisdiction. 
Our Cayman Islands company formation consultants can provide you with a shelf company so that you can start doing business right away.

The advantages of a Cayman Islands shelf company

Buying a ready-made company in the Cayman Islands has a set of important advantages, especially for investors who wish to start doing business right away. The list below highlights these benefits.
  • Quick setup: The shelf company has a quicker setup process than the newly incorporated legal entity because all of its constitutive documents have already been prepared.
  • Fast business commencement: Investors have the advantage of being able to do business almost instantly when they buy an already existing company
  • Good credit: Aged companies will typically be more credible in front of credit institutions, banks and even clients in general.
  • General business longevity: Once again, the fact that the business has been incorporated for some time and does not have bad debt is an advantage in terms of business image.
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How to buy a shelf company in the Cayman Islands

Our Cayman Islands incorporation advisors can easily and rapidly facilitate the acquisition of a shelf company in the Cayman Islands.
It is up to the investor to decide which kind of company to acquire and to inform us of his or her intentions.
There is a wide variety of shelf companies which are available. We can provide various enterprise solutions, depending on your own requirements and needs.
We can also do a market research and analysis, obtain the necessary business licenses and product registrations which might be needed in the Cayman Islands.
When you decide that you want to acquire a shelf company in the Cayman Islands, all you will have to do is simply acquit the fees involved.
Our Cayman Islands company formation agents can offer you the following:
a business name;
an incorporation number;
an office address and phone number for your business;
bank account details;
the company registration documents.

Steps for buying a shelf company in the Cayman Islands

After you have decided that you want to acquire a shelf company, our Cayman Islands incorporation consultants will have a discussion with you to present you with the most appropriate options.
Next, we will prepare the paperwork involved in purchasing a shelf company in the Cayman Islands. The documentation which has to be signed is the sale-purchase agreement.
The buyer also has to be attentive on the following steps after such company has been purchased. These steps consist of changing the name of the shareholders and directors and amending the Articles of Association of the company. 
If you require further information about shelf companies in the Cayman Islands, or for assistance in setting up a Cayman Islands company, please get in touch with us.


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