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The Main Benefits of Opening a Company in Cayman Islands

Updated on Wednesday 08th August 2018

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The-Main-Benefits-of-Opening-a-Company-in-Cayman-Islands.jpgThe Cayman Islands is a popular offshore jurisdiction with the exempt company being the business entity of choice for many foreign investors.
The main benefits of opening a company in the Cayman Islands include, but are not limited to, a fast incorporation process, no direct taxation, legal structure flexibility and investor privacy.
The fact that the Islands are considered a tax haven is an important advantage, however, it is not the only business advantages available to investors and one of our Cayman Islands incorporation agents can give you specific information, according to the particular business benefit you are interested in.

Cayman Islands advantages for investors

The table below illustrates the main benefits investors have when setting up a Cayman Islands company.
Benefit Trait
Stability The Cayman Islands offer a stable business environment, with good infrastructure and a general welcoming and advantageous business climate.
Confidentiality The legal framework and the business regime allow for a high degree of business and investor confidentiality. The identities of the company directors are not made public.
Flexibility The Cayman Islands company, most notably the exempt company is a business structure that allows for a high degree of flexibility because of the light reporting regimes.
Taxation The Islands are a tax haven and there is no income tax for companies and individuals, no share transfer tax and no withholding taxes on the distribution of dividends.
Our Cayman Islands incorporation specialists can give you detailed information about these benefits and talk about the options you have for your business purposes.

Other issues to consider when opening a company in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands company formation process is a simple one, nevertheless, investors will need to follow a few steps, such as choosing the type of company, appointing a registered agent and having a registered office. These two requirements are typically included in the general company formation services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about Cayman Islands incorporation and assistance in opening a company.


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