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Virtual Office in Cayman Islands

Updated on Wednesday 22nd January 2020

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A virtual office is a location in which companies can choose to set up their registered office, without having to rent and keep a traditional office space, as in most cases. This is a suitable option for a Cayman Islands exempted company because it entails important cost reductions for the overall company management.
Our Cayman Islands incorporation consultants provide our clients the opportunity to take advantage of various virtual office services in Cayman Islands offered by our firm, such as a dedicated file storage, a local telephone number answered by a professional receptionist or which is forwarded directly to the client’s phone number or fax, as well as mail forwarding services.
The advantages of the virtual office are listed below by our team of agents who specialize in Cayman Islands incorporation:
  1. Cost reduction: the costs associated with operating via a virtual office space are significantly lower compared to renting and equipping a new company headquarters.
  2. Available staff: apart from the company employees, the other personnel is available on location. This is a feature that contributes to reducing costs and management issues.
  3. Complete services: virtual office packages come with complete services for call redirecting, mail forwarding and many others.
  4. Company image: working via a virtual office helps maintain a professional business image because these offices are usually located in prestigious areas.

Some of these features may be suitable for your business needs. If your offshore company in the Cayman Islands can benefit from operating via a virtual office, please get in touch with one of our experts for more detailed information about our packages. We also detail the main features of our virtual office package in this article.


Why opt for a virtual office in the Cayman Islands?

A virtual office represents the least expensive solution for small and mid-sized businesses which play an important role in the domestic economy.
Virtual offices come equipped with different office equipment, from basic phones, computers, and faxes, to high-tech solutions, like an ultra-modern projector and robot answering services.
Another reason why our clients choose a virtual office in the Cayman Islands is that it is located in a high-profile business center of the main city in this jurisdiction, which is appropriate especially for large corporations looking to have a contact point with partners and clients.
The advantages of the virtual office in Cayman Islands.png
Virtual offices in the Cayman Islands are extremely cost-effective since they can positively impact the budget of a company.
For instance, our Cayman Islands company formation consultants always provide customized virtual office services which allow our clients to take advantage of the solutions they need to integrate at very convenient rates.

Virtual office packages in the Cayman Islands

Acquiring a virtual office in the Cayman Islands is quite simple and it usually comes as a personalized service provided by specialized firms.
Our Cayman Islands incorporation advisors offer various virtual office services, such as:
  • a local phone number provided with an answering machine;
  • a secretary who can receive and send messages;
  • e-mail forwarding services;
  • a mailing address;
  • conference rooms, upon request.
With modern facilities and technology which come with a virtual office in the Cayman Islands, our clients are able to take advantage of a professional environment at lower costs, so that they can focus on what is the most important aspect of their business: maximizing their profits. Contact our Cayman Islands company formation staff today to learn more.


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